CrossFit is a fitness program that uses constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity to improve one’s fitness level.  We define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Essentially, we prepare for the unknown and unknowable.  We want to be ready for any task at any time and be able to perform it to the best of our ability.
Sure! CrossFit is for everyone from grandparents to soccer moms to military personnel to elite level athletes.  Because we use all functional movements in our training, our workouts will help you perform better at everyday tasks whether that is playing with your children, having better posture on your feet all day at work, kayaking with your family on camping trips or being able to try fun and new activities you previously thought were out of reach. Who knows…. you may even want to try your hand at a local CrossFit competition!
At CrossFit Vertigo we are more than just a gym, we are a community.   Here your coaches know your name and your workout buddies in class become your friends. We enjoy working out together, supporting each other, doing social events together, and joining together to support our local community. At our gym, you will always have someone to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE to your fitness goals.
CrossFit is a mixture between group and personal training. Personal trainers typically charge anywhere from $40-$70/hour for their services. Let’s say you trained with a trainer 3 days/week at $40/hour for one month. The total cost would be $480. Comparatively, let’s say you purchase an unlimited membership with us for $150/month. Let’s also say you are an average member attending class 5 days/week. You end up paying $7.50/class for quality coaching, exciting programming, and great group motivation.

Although most traditional gyms typically charge somewhere between $20 and $40/month, you are basically turned loose on the equipment with little instruction or guidance. Who is there to push you when you get tired and the weights get heavy? Will anyone miss you if they don’t see you at the gym for a few days? Who is going to help make sure you are performing your movements safely and correctly? Who is going to motivate you when the honeymoon phase is over and you need to switch up your training to see results. That’s what your CrossFit coaches are for, and that’s the reasoning behind our pricing.

Yes. The truth is, people can get hurt doing anything if the task is not performed correctly or people do not take into account prior levels of fitness, flexibility, or health. Also, with any sport, comes risk.  Runners often get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbow, swimmers get rotator cuff issues, basketball players sprain ankles, and people who sit on the couch all day get obese, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  With that being said, at CrossFit Vertigo, we make it a priority to ensure your safety above everything else. We emphasize TECHNIQUE BEFORE INTENSITY and our coaches keep a watchful eye on every individual throughout their entire workout to make sure proper technique is maintained. Our programing emphasizes proper warm up, mobility, and improving accessory strength which will make your body more resistant to injury. When performed correctly, with good coaching, CrossFit is both safe and beneficial.
Absolutely not. Age is just a number. We have athletes from age 15- age 60 working out in our classes and we welcome someone at any age. Our philosophy is to start wherever you are and make you better- it is never too late to start making healthy choices for yourself and taking control of your fitness.
Absolutely not. All of our workouts are accessible to any level of fitness (see scaling below). We WELCOME beginners. No, you do not have to be in shape to start CrossFit. Our goal is to help you get in BETTER shape NO MATTER where you START. Remember, our goal is to meet you WHERE YOU ARE and help you become the best version of yourself.
Scalable means that our workouts can be tailored to any age or fitness level. What is written for the WOD is just a guideline- our knowledgeable trainers can help you alter the workout properly to ensure you are getting a great workout, staying safe, having fun, and performing exercises that meet your specific needs.
Don’t worry. CrossFit is primarily a core strength and conditioning program,  and does not pack on muscle the way most people think. (at least not without a LOT of extra strength work and some strict nutritional guidelines).  For most people, CrossFit training will result in a leaner, more toned looking version of you!
WOD stands for “workout of the day” and will typically be the main portion (meat and potatoes) of your session.
When first beginning CrossFit, we recommend coming 3 days/week. As your soreness lessens and you start getting more comfortable with the movements, we recommend coming 4-5 days/ week for best results. Working hard is very important, but remember, your rest is equally important. You should always listen to your body and take at least one active recovery day each week.
You can schedule a FREE TRIAL class online or pop in to observe a class any scheduled class time.