“I’m completely in love with Crossfit Vertigo! Coaches are always encouraging! To find a place where the coaches actually care to take the time to correct you & guide you is awesome! The atmosphere in the box is always welcoming—5 AM is my happy hour!”
– Jhoana Jimenez

“Kurt and Laura are the best!!! I just completed my first Spartan Sprint and every single training session I did with Kurt and the crew prepared me!!!! I wouldn’t have made it and with a smile without working with them. Moreover, everyone at this gym is sooo supportive. The workouts are intense and the team is awesome. This is an all star team and an all star gym! AROO!!!!”
– Shanita Woodard

“Joining Crossfit Vertigo was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I love this gym! The owners, coaches, and members are all genuinely great people! I definitely don’t think I would have been able to reach my goals without them! Come and give it a try!”
– Charlie Long

“So many good things to say about the vertigo gym! Laura is just so helpful inside and outside of the gym! Kurt is so inspiring, motivational and a big goofball! The members, of whom I’ve met are driven, encouraging, and lovely to be around! Everyone works so hard and it shows! I 200% recommend this gym!! #aroo #vertigo4life #vertigofit #healthylife #mylife”
– Ashley Mcginness

“My second family – my second home. The coaches, enthusiasm, wods, and heart.”

– Heather Hagan

“A great place to workout. They are very open to beginners. I was nervous about starting Crossfit and went in and talked with the owners and was immediately set at ease. The coaches have a great knowledge about Crossfit and general fitness along with obstacle course racing, which was one of my areas I wanted to improve when I signed up. I shaved about 20 minutes off of my Spartan time that I had done pre CrossFit on the same course. The results are there for the taking. There are members from teenagers to masters 60+ and everything in between. The community and coaches are very welcoming and will inspire you to push your limits. If you are thinking about trying Crossfit, give Crossfit Vertigo a try.”
– Dustin Johnson

“I could go on forever about how amazing CrossFit Vertigo and the Coaches are. First of all, If anyone has ever thought about trying CrossFit, this is the place you want to go. From the very first day I walked into the box (Gym) I immediately felt welcomed. When I first started working out at CFV I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive and nervous that I would not be able to perform the workouts. That is where the awesome coaches and other members come in to play. Coaches Kurt, Laura, Keri, and Bob are amazing! They are very approachable and encouraging and are there every step of the way. If there is something that you just physically can not do (yet), they will find what you are comfortable with so that you still get an amazing workout according to your needs. The other members are so motivating and encouraging of one another that you can’t help but feel good and look forward to coming back for more. I have never felt like I had to compete against anyone and there is no judgment here. At the end of your workouts be prepared for other members to say what a good job you did or even give some high fives. I love that part. Everyone will have different results but for me I can honestly say, after the first month I could feel myself getting stronger. By the second month I could see a big difference in my workouts by doing things that I couldn’t a few weeks before with shorter breaks, and by the third month, other people were telling me they could see the difference in my appearance. If you want a fun and challenging way to work out and be surrounded with some of the best people, come to Crossfit Vertigo. You will not regret it.”
– Anna Hernandez

“I have been crossfitting little over a year. And I have to say this is the BEST box that I have been to. Yes, it’s only been a month but still, I can’t help but feel so excited about coming in at 5am rise and grind with such amazing, supportive people. I have been struggling a lot lately with depression, being socially awkward, and insecurities. Here, yes I am still going through the struggles, but here… My voice matters. I can go up to my coach either in person or via message and talk to him about my goals. One thing Kurt has done is listened. Something I am not used to. I have been told countless of times in the past I can’t do something or not good enough not from the CrossFit community but in personal life. But my coach and the vertigo members help me realize it can be done and if you want it bad enough, then you will get it! Well, I do! I want to be a better person, mother, athlete, mentally, and physically. Here that’s where the magic happens! I go in and I know that it’s not just about particular athletes, those that are stronger or fitter (like some boxes are) but it’s about everyone! It’s a great feeling to come in and feel the acceptance that you’re not just another member but you’re family! My coach, Kurt, (yes I am mentioning him a lot because he’s the one I work with at 5am) goes above and beyond to help me. During his personal time outside of the 5am class, he provides information that can help me succeed.

He’s reassuring me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and he will help me make that happen. I just gotta put in the work. I find myself pushing harder through the wods, eating better, having a better mind sight on life in general. I wasn’t even there but maybe a couple of weeks and I had a competition with a precious box that I went to before joining vertigo, not only did my coaches show up but other members did as well. Cheering me on, giving me the encouragement, and helping me get through when I felt defeated! This month that I have been to he and many other members have saved me from the dark hole that I was slipping into. I’m grateful for that! I’m not 100% cured or the best athlete, but I’m turning into a better person. I love it! I’m so excited to see what this year brings me. I don’t see myself looking at other boxes in the future. I see myself forever and always trusting my coaches and CrossFit family members. I am and will always be Vertigo Strong! Thank you for giving me a wonderful month and I look forward to continuing to work with you guys!
I highly recommend this box to anyone who is looking for a positive change. Your voice will be heard and you will look in the mirror and see a new person physically and mentally!”

Genevieve Harvey